Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo form KLASKY CSUPO, INC. in their two bedroom apartment in Hollywood.
Klasky Csupo, INC. expands and moves to a new location on Seward Street in Hollywood.
Klasky Csupo, INC. animates Matt Groening’s “The Simpsons” as bumpers for the “Tracy Ullman Show.”
Music Videos produced for Beastie Boys & Luther Vandross.
 TV Titles produced for: “21 Jump Street,” “Anything But Love” and “In Living Color.”
Interstitial shorts produced for “Sesame Street.“
Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo & Paul Germain create “Rugrats” which helps to launch “Nicktoons” a line-up for creator driven cartoons to brand the Nickelodeon network.
“Duckman” premieres on the USA Network.
 “AAHHH!!! Real Monsters” debuts on Halloween as the second Klasky Csupo, INC. series to debut on Nickelodeon.
In September, Klasky Csupo, INC.’s  “Santo Bugito,” premieres on CBS.
Klasky Csupo, INC. Commercials division opens. In first year solicits and wins campaigns for Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, Oscar Mayer Lunchables, Kraft, 1-800-Collect and interstitial animated sketches of Antonio Prohias’ “Spy Vs. Spy” for “Mad TV.”
On August 12th, “Stressed Eric” is “Americanized” and airs for 6 consecutive weeks on Wednesday nights at 9:30 on NBC, marking Klasky Csupo, INC.’s 3rd prime-time show on a non-cable broadcast network.
On September 1st “The Wild Thornberrys” premieres as first 22-minute animated show for Nickelodeon Primetime. Prior to this debut all Nickelodeon animated TV series were 11 minute in length.
Klasky Csupo, INC. launches The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald on Home Video October 9th, available exclusively through McDonalds worldwide.
“The Rugrats Movie” premieres on November 25, 1998 and is the first non-Disney animated movie to break the $100 million dollar box office gross benchmark in the US. 
“Rocket Power” premieres on Nickelodeon as the anchor of its new fall line up in September.
“The Rugrats in Paris” premieres on November 17, 2000 at “Graumans” Chinese Theater in Hollywood.
“All Grown Up”, a special produced with a “dream sequence” where all the babies are aged 10 years airs on Nickelodeon in July.
“The Rugrats” receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame cementing their place in entertainment and animation history.
“As Told By Ginger” debuts its first 90 minute prime time Nick Flick: “Summer of Camp Caprice” 7/7/01 on Nickelodeon.
“The Wild Thornberrys” debuts its first 90 minute prime time Nick Flick: “Origin of Donnie” 8/18/01 on Nickelodeon.
"The Wild Thornberrys Movie" is released, and Paul Simon's song from the film "Father and Daughter" is nominated for an Academy Award.
"Rugrats Go Wild!" is released in movie theaters worldwide, bringing together the Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys.
“Stinky Pierre” pilot is complete.
“Citizen Tony” pilot, starring Louie Anderson, is complete.
“What’s Cooking?” pilot produced for Nickelodeon.
The Immigrants feature film made it’s debut at the eighth International Bangkok FilmFestival January  13, 2005.  The original 6 episodes were cut, reformatted, and retitled  “IMMIGRANTS L.A. DOLCE VITA” specifically for the festival
“Sugarless” pilot is completed for The N (now called TeenNick) and is nominated as one of the five best pilots of the year at Cartoons By The Bay.
Pilots of “Twinkle” and “Schmutz” are created for Nickelodeon
Production begins for the “Junkyard Teddies” and “Rockstars!” pilots
The “Rugrats Tales from the Crib Snow White” DVD feature releases in stores Sept. 9th.
Eleven more pilots go into production including Big Babies, Ronnie Biddles, Zeek & Leo, Ace Bogart: Space Ape, Shark Hunters, Chicken Town, Weiner Squad, Ricky Z, Little Freaks, Eggheads, and Commander Bunsworth.
Gabor Csupo directs his first live action film "Bridge To Terabithia"
Ollie Mongo comic book to be released in the Summer

Defined by twin commitments to artistic integrity and creative responsibility, Klasky Csupo has emerged in the last two decades as the leading independent animation company in the industry. A boldly eccentric and privately owned entity, it was staffed by a who’s who of creative and production professionals. Klasky Csupo is much more than a 21st century cartoon factory, it turned out to be a multi-media enterprise devoted to film, TV, video, publishing and advertising.

During more than 20 years of operation, Klasky Csupo has created, developed, animated or produced era-defining television programming like “The Simpsons” and “Rugrats”, in addition, “Rocket Power”, “All Grown Up”, “Wild Thornberrys”, “Aaah! Real Monsters”, “As Told By Ginger”, “Stressed Eric”, “Duckman”, “Santa Bugito” and “Edith Ann” TV specials, voiced by Lily Tomlin.

Founded by graphic designer Arlene Klasky and Hungarian-born animator Gabor Csupo, in a spare room of their apartment in 1981, Klasky Csupo grew to 550 artists, creative workers and staff in a state-of-the–art animation facility located in the heart of Hollywood.

Artistic innovation and sound business results are the rule at Klasky Csupo, which is distinguished by having produced the first non-Disney animated feature to gross in excess of $100,000,000, the global box-office smash, “The Rugrats Movie.”

For its many contributions to the animation industry Klasky Csupo has received five Emmy Awards and two Cable Ace trophies, along with numerous honors in commercials, production and humanitarian awards.

“We have a particular taste. We have a commitment to do something different, fresh, new and not to imitate others,” co-founder Gabor Csupo summarized.

Fast forward to 2012. After Klasky Csupo left the folds of Nickelodeon, the two founders Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo embarked on new creative careers. Gabor Csupo pursued his life-long dream of directing live-action films with “Bridge to Terabithia” and a European produced film “Moon Acre”.

Arlene Klasky re-adapted the animation studio to digital media age continuing to develop a number of new fictional properties. Along with Craig Singer, a director of Horror Films she created “Ollie Mongo Adventures in the Apocalypse”, the story of a Teenage Skateboarding Zombie who lives 200 years in the future. Visit www.facebook.com/olliemongo to learn more. Expect to see the Ollie Mongo first edition digital comic book by the summer of 2012.

The studio is in production on animated webisodes of another unique surprise property to premier on YouTube in late 2012.